Spring Break Pontoon Tours in Destin

Captain Kendra with Bliss Charters is booking trips for your Spring Break vacation. Experience true Bliss while enjoying a Sunset and Harbor tour in Destin, or you can choose a Crab Island Charter. You get the serenity of the water and the privacy of a charter. Spring Break Pontoon Tours are perfect for couples, families, or friend groups.

Crab Island Charter

The most popular thing to do in Destin is going to Crab Island. Crab Island is beautiful during the Spring. This tour is a daytime activity that is loads of fun. You get to spend time off the pontoon, enjoy being in the water, and party like the locals. Soak up the sun with your favorite people. You choose the duration for the Crab Island Tour; it can last from two to six hours. Check out more about Bliss Crab Island Charters.

Destin Harbor & Sunset Tour

A Sunset and Harbor Tour lasts two hours aboard Bliss. The pontoon tour starts at the docks in Destin and cruises through the Harbor, where you get the best views of all the activity and shops along the way. You’ll also see multiple local birds and maybe some aquatic friends like the dolphins. Check out Norriego Point as we cruise by and enjoy spectacular views of the Destin Bridge and East Pass. Enjoy the setting sun on the horizon and the beauty surrounding you. Read more about our Sunset and Harbor Tour.

Bliss Boards & Bottles

You can make your private pontoon tour even better by adding our Bliss Board and Bottles Package to your charter. Having a picnic while watching the sunset is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things to do in Destin. The Bliss Board and bottles package is customizable and delivered to the boat for your convenience. Check out our Boards and Bottles Menu for more information. Bliss features comfortable lounge seating and a bar area with additional seating. Set the perfect atmosphere for fun and relaxing by playing your favorite tunes using the boat Bluetooth.

Book Your Pontoon Tour

You can do so online if you are ready to book your Sunset and Harbor Pontoon Tour or Crab Island Charter. Spring Break dates fill up quickly, so book your preferred date as soon as possible. Get social with Captain Kendra on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.