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Destin Pontoon Tour

As many of you know, Destin is home to hundreds of dolphins. Our aquatic friends love to ride alongside boats and enjoy riding the wakes from behind. While we can't guarantee a dolphin sitting every trip, there is a perfect chance you will get an opportunity to witness these sweet creatures in their natural habitat.

The dolphins are finishing their evening meal and ready to play at sunset. The most common type of dolphin in Destin is the Bottlenose dolphin, and they are super-intelligent creatures with big personalities. Make sure to have your camera ready so you can capture the moments and keep them forever.

Destin Sunset Tours

The best way to end a fun day on the water is by watching the sunset on the horizon. The Destin coast offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. The colors range from bright orange and red to pink. The sunsets on the water are vibrant and breathtaking. Captain Kendra's Sunset with Dolphins cruise is a great date idea and is perfect for couples and a favorite thing to do for all ages.

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Suppose you are vacationing in Destin or a local who wants to enjoy a romantic evening with your sweetheart. In that case, Captain Kendra will take you on a leisurely cruise while looking for dolphins and watching a beautiful sunset. If you are ready to book your sunset and dolphin cruise, please book online.

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